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Setting a Golf Goal

Hey this is Dan.  Going to start blogging today.  Planning to add short videos and blogs with one purpose in mind - To help you have more fun and elevate your game.  

Today I want to hit on goal setting.  Earlier this week I was playing golf with a friend who is about a bogey golfer.  He told me that there isn't really any reason for him to practice and work on his game because if he got really good, he would shoot 85.  And he is happy shooting 90 - 95 without practicing at all.  

I think what he was saying is that the time and effort to get a few shots better isn't worth it in his mind, at least right now.  And I completely agree with him.  If golf isn't that important, then there is no need to take the time to try and improve.  

But I do want to argue his point for a second.  What if he said his goal was to break 80 in 2018?  Do you think golf would matter to him a little more?  Do you think he might spend an extra 30 minutes practicing per week or play an extra 9 holes?

Earl Nightingale said that success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.  So when you set out a definite goal, and work toward that, you are successful.  Even if it doesn't happen.  

My goal for 2018 is to shoot in the 60's three times.  I haven't broke 70 in at least a couple years, but I have set this as a definite goal.  So I'm working toward that each day.  Every time I go to the course, that is my "why."

What is your "why?"  Do you want to finish top 20 at the club championship?  Do you want to beat your brother or sister?  Maybe you want a college golf scholarship.  All great reasons to want to improve and set a goal for the 2018 golf season.

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