How I Fixed My Chipping

Yep, it happened again.  About a month ago I was hitting chip shots and I kept pulling them.  Simple little chips, bump and runs, and even longer pitch shots.  Everything went left.  I had no idea what was going on.  I kept hitting shots and kept pulling them.  After awhile my brain naturally tried to adjust and I then was leaving the shots short and right (scooping them).

After I finished my not-so-stellar performance at the local chipping green I decided to reverse engineer what had happened and figure out a solution.  The thing is, this had been happening for a couple weeks, and obviously something had happened in my chipping that wasn't normal.

During my reverse engineer process I had to realize a couple things:

First off, I had to realize that I had been chipping on a very slow green, which usually meant that I had to create more speed into the ball than I was used to.  More speed means more club head speed, and more wrist hinge.  

So the more I hinged my wrists and tried to create speed, the more susceptible I was to this happening.  

The other thing I noticed was that my right hand had become way too active in my chipping motion.  My right hand was basically rolling over the left and which I'll call a "flip."  

The Fix

After I finally realized what was happening, the fix was pretty easy.  I did two drills to immediately pull myself out of the bad habits that I had created for myself.

#1 - Chipping Like I putt

Using my putting grip, I hit several chip shots not breaking my wrists.  At least, that was the feeling I was going for.  By not breaking my wrists, there was no way my right hand could flip at impact and cause the ball to start left.  

This immediately helped, and I started hitting more solid chips.  So the feeling was to slow down my hand speed, and increase my shoulder turn on chip shots.  No hand movement, controlling the club with my body turn.  

#2 - Hitting Chip Shots Using Left Hand Only

I hit several chip shots using my left hand only.  Taking my right hand out of the equation wouldn't allow the right hand to "flip" the club at the bottom.  

While it takes practice to hit solid chip shots using just your left arm, it eliminated the ball taking off to the left.  The feeling was keeping my left knuckles moving toward the target.  

I put my right arm behind my back during this drill.  This is also a great drill just to work on your club control and hand coordination.  It's not easy use one hand, and these type of drills help you control the club face through impact.


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