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How To Create a College Golf Resume

When I was coaching college golf a few years back, I used to receive hundreds of resumes and inquires each year.  Some resumes were very well done, some were not.  Some were barely even an email.  Some didn't address me at all, some were very lengthy and well thought out.

While you should know that a college golf coach is probably never going to spend more than a minute or two reading an email or a resume from you, you still need to include pertinent information that will help a coach move you in front of the other hundred resumes that he or she has received that year.  

Here are some ideas for building your college golf resume:

It should be one page and needs to include: height, weight, grad year, GPA, school information, counselor contact information, swing instructor contact information, recent tournament results, upcoming tournament schedule, and a picture of you.  If you have a national ranking on Golfweek, Polo, or NJGS golf rankings you can include those as well.

Send your college golf resume as a PDF attachment in addition to an introduction email to a college golf coach.  Address the coach by their name, as in "Dear Coach Last Name."  

Since a college coach is only going to give your resume a minute or two look, you want to keep it simple.  Give them enough information let them know you are interested in learning more about their program.  

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