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How to Email a College Golf Coach

So you want to play college golf and are thinking about emailing some college coaches at schools that you are interested in.  There are some definite do's and don'ts associated with emailing college golf coaches, and it can be tricky to know exactly what to say.  In this post I'll give you some insight as to what some good talking points are.

First off, you need to know that a D1 college golf coach cannot respond to an email that you send them until June 15th between your Sophomore and Junior year of high school.  Any email before then will (should) go unanswered (NCAA Rules update May 2019).

  • Do not email blast coaches all at the same time

This happens to a college coach more often that you would think.  A player or parent sends the same email to 30 coaches at the same time, and doesn't blind copy them.  So a coach can see every other coach that you are sending the email to.  

If you are going to email blast coaches, definitely blind copy all of them, but I wouldn't recommend doing this at all.  Each email should be personalized to a specific coach.  

  • If you have never emailed a particular coach before, you need to start with an introduction.  Here is an example of an introduction letter:

Dear Coach ____________,


My name is ______________ and I am currently a __________ (year in school) at ____________ High School in _____________ (hometown).  I am in the process of searching for potential colleges that will be a good fit for me athletically and academically.


On the golf course, I have made tremendous progress, with top finishes in ________ events. (List a couple of your top finishes with scores)

In the classroom I am continuing to excel with a ______ GPA and am planning to take the ACT this fall. (List your current GPA with any ACT or SAT related information)

Please find attached my updated golf resume, as well as my upcoming tournament schedule.  I am in the process of putting together a swing video and will send that to you as soon as it is available.


Best regards,


That’s all for the introduction.  Simple, keep it short. Understand that college coaches receive hundreds of emails, and each recruiting email usually gets about 1-2 minutes of time.  Anything more than that and it won’t be read entirely.

You'll notice that at the end of the first email, you state that you will be shooting some swing video and sending that to the coach as soon as it is available.  Well this is exactly what you need to do, you have homework!  

Once you get your swing video ready, it's time to send another email.  Here is a template for your follow up:

Dear Coach Soandso,

As promised, I shot some swing video recently and I wanted to pass that along to you.  If you have any questions about my swing or what I am working on, feel free to give my instructor, ______________ (name of instructor), a call at (123) 456-7890

Here is a link to my swing video: _______________________________

My next tournament will be _______________ played at__________________ golf course in _(City , State)__.

I will follow up with my results.

Best regards,


Notice how each time you email a coach, you leave it open that you will email them again.  When you leave this open ended, it gives you a chance to follow up without catching the coach off guard.  They are expecting your follow up, and it shows that you are being prompt and organized.  This is where many junior golfers get a little lost.  They won't keep following up, or they won't want to put in the time to send emails.  Just getting this done will separate you from the competition.

After your next tournament, here is an example of a good follow up:

Dear Coach Soandso,

I wanted to touch base with you and send along my updated resume with my most recent tournament results.  I’ve played three events recently and my play is steadily improving, highlighted by a 3rd place finish in the __________ tournament at ___________.

Good luck in your next event.


Again, keep it simple.

Keeping track of emails is tough.  You need to stay organized and pay attention before randomly sending off emails.  Double check you have the coaches name spelled correctly before sending any email.  This is just simple courtesy.

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