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Questions to Ask During a College Visit

Happy 4th of July!  In my video today, I talk about a few questions that you can have prepared to ask college golf coaches when you get on campus for an unofficial or official visit.



I will preface this by saying don't go on a visit asking what all you get.  Like free food, access to gym, golf courses, clothing provided etc.  The coach, if they are a good salesperson, will give you all of this information.  A good coach is going to be selling their university and the campus just as much as the golf program.  This is by design.  Colleges and Universities know that they are all competing with eachother for good students, and spreading the word about campus and a great atmosphere around the school is a good thing, even if you don't end up attending that school.

So what are some good questions that you can ask a college golf coach on your official or unofficial visit?

  • What is a typical day like?  Is practice in the morning or afternoon?
  • Does the team workout during the season, or off-season? 
  • How does the team travel?  By air, by mini van, by Sprinter van?
  • Does the team live together on campus/off-campus?
  • How does qualifying work?

These are just some examples.  There are a ton of questions that can arise during a visit.  Ask as many as you would like, and get interested in the school!  The coach will love you asking questions and showing so much interest.  

Show interest in the areas that interest you a lot.  Obviously, you are there because you are interested in playing golf for the school, but what else are you really interested in?  Health and fitness?  Are you a book worm and want to see all the study facilities available?  Do you want to major in Business?  Make sure the coach gets you in touch with someone in the business office, or at least takes you through the Business Building.

Post visit questions

On your way home after the visit, think up more questions that you have.  Make sure to email the coach when you get home and thank him or her for their time.  If you do have additional questions, this is a great time to ask them.  

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