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Tiger Woods Preparation for British Open

I'm guessing by now, if you pay attention to golf and social media at all that you have seen Tiger Woods, and his "Wake up!" video that have gone viral.  

Here is a link to the video on Sports Illustrated if you want to see it:

As I was watching this (and contemplating what time to set my alarm for tomorrow), I realized a couple things

1) Preparation is key

2) Why not get up early to work on your goals?


Tiger is up so early to prepare for the British Open, and he'll be easily the most well adjusted to the time change when he gets over there.  I'm actually semi-shocked that he shared this secret.  Makes me wonder if he has done this his entire career before crossing the pond.  

It helps that he isn't competing the few weeks prior to the British obviously, so he's probably going to bed at pretty early and maybe getting a nap in the afternoon.  

Who knows how he'll play in the British.  Maybe he'll miss the cut, but at least he'll go over there knowing that mentally he is prepared to play his best because he has put in the effort to get up early and get his body accustomed to the time change.

Early Riser

I've been an early riser most my life.  I'm just a better human in the mornings.  I'm more productive at work, I play my best golf, I get the most done in the mornings.  I love getting up early.  You can take a look back at my previous blog here about how to beat your golf buddies.

Lately though, I've noticed my alarm going off a little later, and hitting the snooze button.  This is a direct result of not getting in bed early enough.  What time I go to bed is something I can control, and if I want to be productive in the morning, I better control my brain and put myself to bed at a decent hour.  

You can control this as well.  If you want to get an edge on your competition, just try getting up a little earlier each day.  That's all it takes.  Get up, be productive, and don't go back to bed.  


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