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What to Wear when Competing in Junior Golf Events

Want to play college golf?  In today's video I share some tips as to how you should dress to impress college golf coaches.


There are some easy things that you can do as a junior player to show college golf coaches that you want to play in college and that you are deserving of a scholarship.

  • Have your shirt tucked in (boys) and be wearing golf attire.
  • Keep your clubs clean and bag looking nice.
  • No backwards caps
  • Wear clothes that fit

Easy things that you can control.  A lot of times in golf we try to control things or become angry at things that that we can't control.  The weather, your playing partners, green speed, etc. 

Instead, you should focus on things that you can control.  How much sleep you get, what you eat for breakfast, and what you look like on the course!  Dress to impress.  If you look good out on the course, you'll feel good too.  You don't have to wear the most expensive clothing, but you can find nice Nike or Under Armour polos for $25 or $30 now.  There is no reason not to get a few of these in your wardrobe.  

I use, ebay, and Amazon to search for deals on golf clothing.  If you know what sizes you wear, you can always find a good deal online.    

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