How to Play Golf in College

How to Play Golf in College

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Wanting to know what it takes to play golf in college?  You've found the right eBook.  This is 45 pages packed with insight and knowledge that will help you figure out how to be recruited and schedule yourself for success.

You could spend thousands of dollars figuring out how to get yourself recruited to play college golf.  Or you could just read this eBook.

Scheduling a Junior Golfer for Success will give you everything you need to know.  This is what I wished I had as I was growing up playing junior golf.  

This downloadable eBook will offer up my knowledge that I have gained through over a decade of going from junior golf, to college golf, to AJGA intern, and college golf coach.  Check out my video below and get a glimpse of what you will learn!


What you will learn:

  • Tournaments that college coaches attend 
  • What college coaches are looking for in a junior player
  • Communicating with college coaches
  • How to become a ranked junior golfer
  • How to find the right tournaments to play in
  • Setting up a junior schedule for success
  • What tournaments you should be trying to play in
  • Creating a college golf filter that will help you identify a good fit
  • Scheduling examples
  • AJGA overview
  • and much more!

    There is an endless amount of questions and things that come up as you go through the recruiting process, and this book is designed to help you answer those questions.  Primarily as it comes to setting up your tournament playing schedule.  

    When I was coaching college golf I receiving a lot of emails and calls about which tournaments a junior player should be playing in.  That is what I intend to answer in this eBook.  

    You'll also receive some straight forward guidance about NCAA rules that change every year.  This was updated in May 2019, so rest assured you will be reading the most up to date material that is available.