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Here is the deal with Scottie Scheffler

Alright. It's been a pretty impressive run here for Scottie, on the Sunday heading into the final round of the RBC Heritage where he leading. Coming off a Masters victory. This is similar to what we saw 2 years ago, although I would argue this time around he seems to have separated himself from the crowd a bit more. 


  • He is better, definitely with the putter.
  • LIV Golf - there are some good players who won early in 2022 on the PGA Tour that are on LIV now, there is no denying that. Most notably, Cam Smith, Juaqo Niemann, and Jon Rahm.
  • He's older - He's 27 instead of 25, has played the courses a couple more times. He's just going to be better than he was, even if physical attributes are the same. 

The deal with Scottie is that life is about to change for him. He's about to have his first child which is going to come with some changes. 

Here is my best guess as to how this will affect his life: It WON'T, in the short term. 1-2 years, not going to change much. Once the child is a little more active and taking time away, then yes, sure, less time at the golf course, and things could slip a bit. 

So look for Scottie Scheffler to continue dominating golf over the short term here. He's on top of it, even on an off week he's still in the top 10. That's pretty unstoppable when he gives himself so many opportunities to do something like what he did at the Players Championship, have a good final round, and wind up winning!