About us


Elevated Golf is my home where I write and try to help others enjoy the game more.

Hi, I'm Dan.  I've spent most of my professional career working in the golf industry.  I started working at the local country club when I was 14, earned a spot  to play in college at the University of Iowa, spent a season as an intern with the AJGA in Georgia, spent 5 years as the Assistant Men's Golf Coach at my alma mater, Iowa, and spent a season as an Assistant Golf Professional at Des Moines Golf & Country Club, hosting the 2017 Solheim Cup. 

Golf has been pretty good to me, and Elevated Golf is my spot where I feel I can continue giving back.  Yes, you could call this my side hustle. 

My goal with Elevated Golf is to provide others with products and information to help them enjoy the game more.

If you have questions about how I can help or your purchase you can reach me at elevatedgolf@gmail.com

Happy golfing,