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Valentine's Day Golf Gifts

You heard right. Valentine's day is right around the corner. As in less than 3 weeks away! This has been a holiday that I have always struggled with. I never quite knew what to get for a girlfriend in the past, so I tried to match her energy. Dinner? Flowers? Tickets to a game? Yep, whatever gets the job done! 

As a guy who loves golf, I can truly say I would have loved anything to do with golf for Valentine's Day. This is a bonus holiday. It's a normal day (not like a work holiday or something), that you celebrate with someone special, and maybe, just maybe that person gets you something that means something to you.

For me, and I think many golfers can relate, that would be something relating to golf. It doesn't have to be a $700 driver or a trip to Pebble Beach. Something simple will do! 

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